Great Way to Get a Recording Contract

Record Deal Anyone?

Many people often think that the idea of contacting a recording company or A&R representative directly is not possible. I was brought to believe that you had to be approached by these big companies and unless they asked to meet with you or offered you a deal you were not going to get a word with them. This is not the case.

If you are an artist, producer who makes beats or band looking to be heard and seeing if you can get a deal working then  I have a great way that you can get your sound out there and see what you can make happen. It is not a magic button that sends your music right to the A&R representatives desk but with a little smart thinking and elbow grease it is possible.

Contacting Recording Companies

The idea is to do a little researching and calling around to see if you can get your music or press package in front of the eyes of the people who can make it happen for you. I am providing a list of contact information for the  A&R registry. You can do some research on what kind of music these recording companies represent and see if it fits your style and seems like a company you would like to work with. There are phone numbers for some of the companies and if you call (humbly) and ask who you could send your music too they will give you the information of what to do. You never know what could happen!

Represent Yourself

All this being said you can also do the Grind and play shows and try and fund your own career, which I do think can be a great way to go. It takes more work but if you believe in your music and love what you do then it shouldn’t feel like work. In today’s world with Facebook, Youtube, Twitter etc…. you can get your music out there and build a following. Again if you are someone that just wants money to fall in your lap and don’t think you should work for it then you probably won’t make it. However if you are willing to grind it out and have a positive attitude then anything can happen. We all started from the bottom and have fallen on our way up. You have to learn from your mistakes (we all make them) and keep going.  You then won’t be held to guidelines laid out by a recording company of who they think you should be. I am not saying all recording companies are like that but we have all heard the horror stories.

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